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It’s red; it’s wine. As red liquid flows from wine bottles and settle in thin clear glasses, there’s a change in the atmosphere and scenery – it’s almost magic. Red wine means something for everybody. It could be the perfect embodiment of celebration for some, an aphrodisiac of some sort for others, and even the perfect heart medicine for a few. Here are some of the wonderful benefits of red wine as well as some things you might want to watch out for.

  • Heart Wonders: Of the many benefits of consuming red wine, its benefits to the well-being of the human heart ranks tops. As a result of the antioxidants in red wine especially Resveratrol, consumption of red wine would have your blood vessels healthy and flexible enough to prevent clotting.
  • Helps you look younger: If you are interested in looking younger, then it would also interest you to know that red wine has anti-aging properties as well. Yes, it makes your skin glow too. The antioxidants found in it, destroy the many harmful free radicals inside your body and keeps you young and visibly healthy.
  • It lowers your cholesterol: Red wines that are high in fibre, specifically the kinds that are made from Tempranillo red grapes have also been suggested by relevant research to get rid of bad cholesterol and generally normalizing your cholesterol level.

The Magic of Red wine 2

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  • Helps in boosting your brain: Contrary to the disadvantage of regular alcohol consumption that makes you woozy, the Resveratrol element of the red wine, has been known to strengthen the human memory. As age reduces the capacity of your brain, red wine actually assists in keeping your brain power intact even as you grow. It also prevents brain damage!
  • It can also curb cancer: Research has also shown that consuming wine moderately has the ability to starve nascent cancer cells. Generally, the consumption of alcohol in general has been known to increase the chances of breast cancer; however, a moderate consumption of red wine would do well in cancelling out this.

While these, and many more are proven advantages of red wine, the truth is that red wine can also be heavily alcoholic, depending on your choice. Hence, the risks of addiction, stress, migraines, disruption of sleeping patterns, and the many others that are derived from excessive drinking would still apply.

This is why women have been advised not to have more than a glass a day and men, two glasses. Besides, only traditional red wine possesses these beneficial characteristics and not the overly sweet or alcoholic kinds. Hence, even though red wine is more than just the perfect pairing to a nice dinner, it has benefits that can be held onto if taken properly.

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