Crepaway Restaurant is largely known for mixing food and fun in a trendy ambience located at 1089b Adeola Odeku street, Victoria Island.

Crepaway restaurant offers its guests a varied menu with high-quality food standards in a feel-good atmosphere. And Exquisite Magazine decided to take a look.


When you step into Crepaway, the high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows with light pouring in are what immediately catch your attention. The decoration is well-thought-out, fun and animated, with a feel-good ambience that you can easily come to regularly for any occasion without getting bored

The restaurant ambience is more suitable for casual dining. Having a ground floor which is where the bar and the main restaurant sitting area are located.


Crepaway restaurant

The kids aren’t left out in this beautiful restaurant, they have a large space to host your kids either for a play date or a birthday party. It has a learning section, a play make-up session, and a general playground. Every detail was beautifully done.


Crepaway restaurant

Crepaway restaurant contrary to what their name suggests, has a diverse menu that is made of crowd favourites, from their shareable appetizers to their famous burgers and mouth-watering crepes. They even cater to those counting calories with a light menu, so no more deprivation!

Over time, the Crepaway restaurant brand has evolved from a single restaurant with a large crepe menu to what it is today, a trendy and modern casual dining brand with a diverse menu that people have placed their trust in for over three decades


Crepaway restaurant

Extra crispy local, cheese garlic bread, Quesadillas, Mozzarella sticks, Tasty Tenders, Bang Bang chicken and more with a price range of 3,300 naira to 16,200 naira.


Chicken Sub, Chicken Avocado, Steak Club, Steak Sandwich, Crepaway club and more with a price range of 7,300 to 14,000 naira.


Chicken Escalope, Chargrilled Chicken, Deep Sea Baby, Double The Tiger, Groundnut Chicken, and more with a price range of 10,200 and above.


Tasty Tenders, Hamburger, Chicken burger, Pinky Pasta, Pizza and more with a price range of 6700.


Magali, Martine, Michelle, orelie and more with a price range of 4,900 naira to 6,500.

Crepaway restaurant

 Tropical Smoothie

Strawberry lychee

Yuzu Passion Fruit

Apple Ginger Mojito


All are prepared with and without alcohol, with alcohol, it’s 6,000 naira and without alcohol, it’s 4,300 naira.

They also have a fantastic wine collection, beers and more with an affordable price range.


You can book a reservation at crepaway restaurant before arriving at the venue, they also offer takeouts and they offer delivery services but only to three locations, which are ikoyi, VI and Lekki.

We would recommend Crepaway to friends and families.



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