Do you still find yourself tripping on heels at events? You probably will like to walk confidently without having to worry about tripping.

Here are easy hack to walk well on heels.

Choose the right heels: Some heels are not created equal. Hence one of the major ways to walk well on heels is to choose the right one. Pick the ones that suit the shape of your foot. Make sure you try both shoes at the store and walk around in them before purchasing, if you don’t find them comfortable immediately, then you probably will never find them comfortable.

Hack to walk well on heels

Wearing heels is a process, start small: Do not choose a 5 inch stiletto if you are a beginner. It is advisable to walk your way up, slowly increasing the height as you get used to walking in them.

Practice your walk in advance: Practice makes perfect right? For a beginner who wants rock heels to an event, it is advisable that you practice walking in the heels at home before wearing them to an event. This will not only help you walk in them confidently but also allows you get used to them.

Take short strides: Heels tend to shorten your strides. Hence, the higher the heels, he shorter the strides. Take slow short strides. This will not only make it look natural on you, it will also make tripping impossible. It is one of the secret hacks to walk well on heels.


Hack to walk well on heels


Be very aware of your walking environment: Another one of the easy hacks to walk well on heels is to be conscious of the floor. This is not to say that you face always face down while walking but watch the ground before you put your foot. This helps you avoid hitting your foot, which makes you miss your step.

Walk on an imaginary straight line: A lot of ladies wear heels to look good or sexy. Hence the best way to maintain confidence and sway is to imagine walking on a straight line. One foot should come directly in front of the other. Sounds like a run way thing right? Oh well you have to up your game so that you can walk well on heels.

Here you go! Easy hacks to walk well on heels.



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