Ankara is that dependable sister; you can call in times of hardship. For instance, when you can’t find anything to wear in your wardrobe. An Ankara dress will come to your rescue like that (clicks fingers).

As a dependable sister, Ankara will show up when need her. When you need something simple and fun, Ankara can show up as a short, flirty skater dress. Looking for a smart casual fit, good sis Ankara will come through as a proper HR compliant jacket. With the right styling, you will be giving Bossbabe vibes.

How To Become A Fashion Stylist – Everything You Must Know + 5 Essential Tips To Get You Started

My favourite style of Ankara fabric is when it’s made into a jumpsuit. You get to have a super stylish look with such a colorful fabric. Also, Ankara can give sexy with a side of elegance too. How you ask?? See how we styled a sexy top with a pencil Ankara skirt, giving you a sexy classy look.

Is there anything Ankara cannot do?? Is Ankara the multitalented queen??

Ankara The Ever Versatile Elegance Of The Ankara 1 Ankara The Ever Versatile Elegance Of The Ankara 2


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