I know a lot of people who wear black and other dark colors because they just don’t know how to rock bright colours.

Let’s think about it, what do all our favorite fashion stars have in common? That’s easy, they are daring (and they do so with colours).


Rocking colors in your outfit is usually a bold choice, but with these tips, you’d have all the confidence you need to get started.

Tips To Rock Bright Colours

Choose Colours that Flatter Your Skin Tone

how to rock bright colours

Just like every other thing in fashion, our skin tone plays a major role in the decision of colours and outfits. Personally, I do not look my best in green so I try to stay away from it.

So, when deciding on colours, look out for tones and colors that complement your skin tone and even eye colour.

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Use The Colour Wheel

how to rock bright colours

Wearing bold colors is one thing, but knowing which colours to pair outfits with wins the prize and having a colour wheel helps you know which is best at contrasting and even stay clear off.

How To Rock Bright Colours | Fashion Tips 1

One trick fashionistas love using is to make sure they rock colours that are opposites on the wheel. For example, if you are wearing a blue dress, pairing it with a red/orange shoe may bring out the style you are going for.

Removable Items Are Best For Trials

How To Rock Bright Colours | Fashion Tips 2

Still doubting how many colours you need? Not to worry, you can always kickstart your bold colours journey by adding removable items to your outfit. It could be a ring, a purse, a jacket, a shoe. Dive into colours really slowly till you are sure you’ve nailed how to rock bright colours.

Maintain The Same Colour Tone


For a more classy look, try mixing colours with the same tone. Blues with purples, pink with red or peach and so on. Having colors with the same tone does not take you far off the edge, especially for someone who loves neutral colors…so have fun with it.

Go All The Way

how to rock bright colours

Don’t even think about it for so long, just do it. It is as simple as that. Once you’re in your comfort zone with colours, keep exploring.

So when next you’re stepping out of your home, go for that dress you swore never to wear
because it’s too bright, then pair it with some bright coloured heels and take some pictures.

Basically, the main advice on how to rock bright colours is to start exploring.

Thank goodness it’s summer so you are just in time for summer trends.

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