Hafymo’s Collection makes us want to wear Mini-bags all year round!


Carrying a mini bag is a look changer and most times a life changer. With mini-bags, you know exactly where all your items are unlike a big bag where you have to start searching, rummaging through a lot of stuff just to find your keys! (trust me, we’ve  been there).

So glad the fever has gotten to everyone, now we don’t have to manage stares from people when they see them on us. But one person that has taken it to a whole level and made us want more is… Hafsah.

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Hafsah – beautiful modest style blogger and makeup youtuber is always a delight to look at. Her style is goals and makes you want to buy everything, but one fashion item we want from her wardrobe is her collection of Mini-bags!!

Girl, you need to see them and the way she pairs them.

No more words, just let the pictures do the talking.


Now that you’ve seen some, are you jumping on this wagon or nah?

Images: @hafymo


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