One of the innovative ways of making money in today’s world, is blogging. Thanks to the internet and social media, blogging is not just possible, but it is also a very lucrative way of making money – if you get it right, of course. When it comes to blogging, there are a myriad of options. You can be a lifestyle blogger, an entertainment blogger, a political blogger, a music blogger, and so much more. If you’re a fashion enthusiast, then your pick would be fashion blogging. It is one thing to love fashion, and it is another to be able to pull off a fashion blogger/ influencer persona. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Find your specific niche

You might say you want to be a fashion blogger, but that isn’t enough. Not only do you need to define your niche, you should also be able to state it clearly for your potential fans to know. Which aspects of fashion would you be focussing on? Would it be vintage, corporate, fairy tale, edgy, or street? Do you wear high end clothes or do you go after affordable/thrift items? Finding your specific niche would also help brands recognize you and partner with you.

Tips on making it as a Fashion Blogger 1









  • Invest in good clothes

When you have specifically made it clear the niche you want to play in, it’s time to go shopping. You have to be very deliberate about every piece and know how to style it. Buy items that show your personal style and give your followers and readers the specifics on your blog


  • Leverage on social media

This shouldn’t be news anymore. Grow your brand on social media and focus on visual apps like Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Tips on making it as a Fashion Blogger 2

  • Take clear pictures

This follows closely from (3). Ensure that you take clear pictures with either a digital camera or a trusted smart phone. Also use good editing apps to get the best images out. It also helps to stick to a photo theme and colour scheme.

  • Project yourself

This is as important as everything else. For you to be a successful fashion blogger, you need to be seen. Do everything you can to get that visibility and ensure that you grow real followers organically. Run social media ads, campaigns, competitions, and so on. Also work on the SEO of your blog.

  • Be consistent

In all these things, consistency is key. Keep shopping, and keep blogging. Little steps first; you’ll be a big name in no time.


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