EM FASHION - Black Panther Style! 1

This Black History Month has introduced many monumental moments worldwide, including cinema! The long-anticipated release of Marvel’s “Black Panther” movie has been welcomed worldwide with open arms and inspired people all over to fall in love with their respective cultures. Here’s more on celebrating culture in style!

1. Wakanda forever- There is no way you can see this film and not appreciate your culture, wherever it may be from! African style is all about style and elegance with creative flair and this film certainly delivers. Take on a new appreciation for animal prints by pairing them with a subtle neutral in silky satin! The perfect balance of edge and elegance.

EM FASHION - Black Panther Style! 2

2. All black everything- It is a global classic worldwide and a tradition among the style set. You can be as fearless as the powerful all-female Dora Milaje army while going about your daily life in strong style cues! When in doubt, a go-to style is monochrome with tons of accessories. Presto! You’re now ready to turn the sidewalk into your runway.

EM FASHION - Black Panther Style! 1

3. Elegant strength- Who says woman can’t be strong, smart, and stylish at the same time? Lupita Nyong’o excelled in playing “Nakia” and her style cues were on point! Take note from her selfless yet striking character by rocking bold style statements with a feminine touch!

EM FASHION - Black Panther Style! 4

BY: StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

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