Every year, Pinterest compiles a handy list of emerging search terms that it predicts will be the major trends over the following 12 months. The company released its Pinterest 100 report in December, forecasting what people on the Internet (and on its platform) will likely be engaging with in 2019, based on its users’ search data and behavior. It covers everything from travel and food to home decor and, yes, beauty and fashion.

On the apparel and accessories fronts, it predicted that trends like statement sneakers, bike shorts, and snake prints would rule—something that, only a few months into the year, has been confirmed by Fashion Week, street style, and celebrity outfits.

Below, we will show you one that has been embraced by all. Bamboo bags.
Bamboo bags; Usually Popularly associated with Cultgia , with its diverse designs and styles, is certainly one needed in your fashion collection. 
bamboo bags BuyorRegret: Bamboo Bags 1
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