Phyna has definitely made Sunday October 2022, a memorable one for herself. She emerged as the winner of the big brother Naija (Level Up) edition.

While the congratulatory messages keep trooping in her red dress has also gained some fans of its own. The red dress which she wore for the finale gave off some high tension main character energy.

BBN Winner Phyna And Her 400k Naira Finale Dress 1

This red dress was created by the famous creative director Sandra Onyemezir of the Mrs Sandra O clothing brand. The other 5 finalist were also gifted outfits for the finale courtesy of big brother.

This red dress on Phyna was the perfect balance between sultry and classy, indeed a gown befitting for a winner. This is yet another achievement for creative fashion designer Sandra Onyemezie because she got the opportunity to style a winner’s dress.

Daniella and Chichi also looked stunning in their yellow and blue gowns respectively. Daniella in her long yellow gown with a modest off the shoulder looked absolutely regal and chichi in her short blue intricately embroidered gown looked every inch the self-proclaimed ‘bad bitch’ that she has been termed with.

While Phyna’s dress may have gotten a lot of attention, prepare for even more jaw dropping information. It turns out the red dress cost an estimated price of 400, 000 naira which is almost half a million. Wow!


The winner who just took home a 100 million grand prize definitely needed to look the part in the expensive gown. The red dress screamed ‘ATTENTION’. And attention was definitely what was given to her.

When the designer behind her dress Sandra Onyemezir was asked about the inspiration behind the dress, she revealed that the concept and design was literally brought to life in just a couple of days.

The designer revealed that she wanted to create something ‘semi-avant-garde and high fashion with crystal stones and some form of structure’for phyna.

This is what she had to say,

“I wanted to create a show-stopping dress befitting for the winner and the other female finalists. I’m grateful to my team and everyone at the atelier as all hands were on deck to bring our designs to life as we had little time to get their dresses ready. We started working on them a few days to the final.”


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