This is the era of premium baby girl treatment or nothing.

There is no doubt that today’s modern lifestyle can get a bit stressful, from a busy day’s schedule to being stuck in traffic for hours. It can be a bit difficult making out time for yourself but it’s important we find time to relax if we wish to continue being productive. 

And as much as we want to relax and enjoy the baby girl treatment, we may not be able to afford a luxury spa date, so here are some DIY spa treatments to help you relax for the weekend.

Create a spa-like atmosphere

Baby girl treatment

Set the stage for a day of relaxation, clean the house, light some scented candles, put on soothing music, and enjoy your baby girl treatment.

Soak your feet in salt baths

Baby girl treatment

After a stressful day, we all know how our feet hurt, so this salt bath is something anyone can do and it’s budget-friendly. Pour some warm water into a big bowl, put a little amount of salt in it and soak your feet in it for as long as you want. You can go a step further by getting a pumice stone to scrub away dead skin like they do in the salon. 

Light a scented candle during your bath time

5 Baby Girl Treatment You Absolutely Need 1

This may sound funny but we all know how we rush in and rush out of the bathroom, but this time around take your time, light up a candle, turn off the light, and have a slow good bath. Scented candles have an amazing way of relaxing the body and mind and they come at affordable prices. 

Try on a facial mask

Baby girl treatment

Some affordable facial masks can be purchased or you can try out some homemade facial recipes. You could try out coconut oil and honey face mask, charcoal face mask, or rose clay face mask. You could also try turmeric and buttermilk for dark under-eye circles. 


Pamper your nails

5 Baby Girl Treatment You Absolutely Need 2

Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure, massage your hand or feets with shea butter lotion and pick out your favorite nail polish colour and polish those nails. 

I look forward to hearing how your baby girl treatment went in the comment section. 

Have a lovely relaxing time. 


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