So, the VMAs happened on Monday night right?? you’ll agree with me that there were so many crazy moments that went down, and to be fair, it wasn’t all a hot mess….well maybe not exactly. We saw some stellar performances including that of Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande’s. Sadly….. they didn’t cancel out those bewilderingly awkward moments that left people wondering if we were all in a The Truman Show situation.

Read on for the standout moments that really, truly happened on live TV.

1. Cardi B’s Intro

5 Moments From The VMAs You Need To Know About 1

Who isn’t in awe with Cardi B’s intro? She has a Cinderella story of climbing the ladder in the hip-hop world, and she’s so genuine! But they did her wrong with this intro business. I’m not sure if she wrote her lines, or maybe it was so last minute, they scrambled for something to say. But it all just fell flat, from the baby Kulture fake-out to the awkward jokes about her light bill. It felt so anticlimactic compared to all the hype built up about her opening the show….am I right or am I right?? Lol

2. Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish’s Moment

5 Moments From The VMAs You Need To Know About 2

OK, Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish were actually the funniest part of the show….this two cracks me up any day!!!. But haddish’s dig at Fifth Harmony felt more in bad taste than actually being funny. I get that the group aimed their own dig at Camila Cabello with their performance a year before, but it’s about time we move on from that…don’t you think?

3. The Video Vanguard Intro

5 Moments From The VMAs You Need To Know About 3

Shawn Mendes had a lovely night at the VMAs and he was dressed like a true gentleman. But everyone has to admit that he was a totally random choice to introduce Jennifer Lopez’s Video Vanguard speech, right? And on top of that, we could barely even hear his intro because of the screeching from the VMAs crowd. I’m not sure if it was for Mendes or for Lopez, but either way….We get it, it’s very exciting, but let the man introduce the woman of the hour!!

4. Name Flopping

5 Moments From The VMAs You Need To Know About 4

Do people even rehearse their lines beforehand? Was it supposed to be amusing that multiple presenters (including Haddish and Olivia Munn) flopped while pronouncing  Cabello’s surname throughout the entire show? No one could practice it before going on, just in case you actually had to say it? It isn’t even a complicated name that warrants the butchering!!. Cabello had to literally force awkward smiles throughout the night when she had every right to lean into that mic and correct each person on that stage.

5. Madonna

5 Moments From The VMAs You Need To Know About 5

I don’t think anyone expected an earth-shattering tribute for the late, great Aretha Franklin from the VMAs, but what we got was . . …infact I’m speechless!!!? Can you even rightfully call it a tribute for someone else when all you do is talk about yourself? Was Madonna given any direction or did they just tell her to go out and do whatever it took to take up 40 years of our life??? JUst asking….


edited by: Karah Adu

credit: popsugar







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