Fashion and style talk With style blogger Sophia Imade:

Dressing to suit your body is essential. Take a stylish approach to look your best in a way you smell like a fabulous chic.

This outfit is an office wear look, not too much attention to your self or less, just the vibrant details on the skirt will make people want to notice your looks from afar.

Fashion and style talk With style blogger Sophia Imade 1Wearing a bottle neck top determines the weather of the day and environment you going. Also you have to put on your bottle neck top before applying your make up.

I came up with this look with a flared detailed skirt which has a bright details on it, to go with the plain Turtleneck top, and a pair of court shoe which complete your outfit.
You don’t want to wear all plain outfits which can read a storey of your look.

You can pair a Turtleneck to with a fish/pencil skirt, jeans, trouser, flared skirt or flared trouser.

And pair the skirt with any top type but not with a top that is too bright, too much detail on it or especially a flared top.

What not to wear:
Stay away from extreme tight outfit, revealing and skimpy outfit. This sometimes give the uncomfortable and less stylish look. The key of dressing is to stand out comfortable.

Remember it is an office environment not a rock star party. Don’t dress to give your colleague the wrong impression or impress. Present your self in a professional way. By letting your outfit and style do the talking.

What to wear:.
Office look can best be mixed with a simple skirt, suit, lace or trouser that goes with a Stylish top/blouse most time a dress on its own. And to finish styling your looks, top it up with a blazer or a jacket/coat. Adding court heels and minimal accessories to finish the look.

Be creative with how you wear your outfit. Dressing good should be a woman play ground. Have fun looking your best.

Talk soon …. Sophia

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