What an honour it is for me to be part of the Exquisite family. This is an exciting start to 2015 for me, for us. Being part of a community where we can gush about fashion as much as we want and drool over the latest trends is a dream come true. I contemplated introducing myself and all the formalities that come with that but you can read more about me in my bio.

The first post always seems to be the hardest but since fashion is my forte I tend to lose myself the minute I begin writing about it so lets dive right in. I wanted to create something really fun and chic since it is 3 days away from Friday, we can still get a  dose of inspiration for the weekend.

Anyone who’s well acquainted with me knows that I am the poster child for an over-the-knee or as others like to call it a ‘calf-length’ dress. Make it a body con and I’m sold! It’s all in the silhouette, I find it to be flattering for most body shapes, it’s sexy yet sophisticated at the same time. Something that I always find interesting is the fact that Mademoiselle Coco Chanel never designed skirts that were above the knee, she believed that the knees were the ugliest part of the female anatomy. Was she onto something?

The inspiration for this look came purely from this lovely printed dress. I don’t usually opt for prints but I could not resist. The hair, makeup and accessories had to be kept simple because the dress was my key item. I chose this custom made beaded necklace with various shades of orange (hello, orange is the new black), it complements the prints so beautifully. The great thing about prints is the ability to match it up with various colours in terms of accessories. To finish off the look I added this printed clutch and some tan heels, when all else fails, wear a neutral shoe.







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