Here is a quick post of some of the things I keep seeing every time ( & also a list of possible 2015 Trend items ) and i thought i will share this with you….


Valentino rainbow collection: OK guys can we stand up and clap for this Valentino rainbow collection ? Particularly the vava voom one. To say I am liking it is an understatement. You know what I want this bag now, now, now I mean now…. This is the one stop bag that goes with everything.


Trainers/sneakers: this is usually not my cup of tea but am falling for it gradually, what you say ? Nay or Ya .

Fringe skirt: We have seen this before ? But fringe is back again to stay. I have seen some lovely selection from high brand to high street take. Now I am starting to warm up to it. Are you not ?….
Fringe bag: Recently saw one fringe bag style and was blown away, you never know…

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