Just like the foundation is the most important aspect of anything in life, not knowing the right foundation tricks for your makeup process is like building an entire house on sinking sand.

There would be cracks, leaks and an ultimate skin disaster so pay attention and avoid these common mistakes that come with wearing a foundation.

1. The wrong formula for your skin type

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Picking foundation is not just about matching the right colour. Before you choose, make sure you determine the type of foundation your skin needs.

Mineral powder foundations are great for a sensitive skin that is prone to allergies, as they have fewer ingredients.

A pressed powder foundation is ideal for oily skin. Liquid foundations are fine for most skin types but a water-based formula is best for oily skin.

A creamy mousse foundation with hydrating properties provides a more natural finish and adds moisture to dry skin types.

2. The wrong shade for your skin tone

Foundation tricks

A common mistake that women make, is choosing a foundation that’s either too light, creating a ‘ghostly’, pale look, or a foundation that’s too dark.

Make sure you test your foundation on your jawline, cheeks and nose, instead of the back of your hand, because this is not where you will be applying it.

After testing, go out into natural light, as the superficial light in a store can make your skin tone look dull and will not give you the best reflection of the foundation. This is a foundation trick your skin will love.

The right shade should disappear into your skin tone. Some good foundation products to add to your makeup kits include:

The Uoma beauty Foundation which is available in  51 shades is one to try. It delivers a customized long-wear vibrant-matte finish with nourishing hydration.

Zaron cosmetics Healthy Glow Foundation which is rich in Caprylic triglyceride, a combination of coconut oil and glycerin that helps smoothen the skin and works as an antioxidant is also another great recommendation.

It is formulated with titanium dioxide which protects skin against UVB & UVA radiation and is  suitable for all skin types.

3. You are not applying a primer and setting spray

Foundation tricks

Most women believe primers are an added extra and can be bypassed.

However, a primer is one of the most vital parts of your make-up application process, as it creates a smooth and poreless finish.

Allow your moisturiser and primer 10-15 minutes to fully absorb into your skin, before applying your foundation, otherwise it will create a streaked canvas and creased look. This foundation trick will give you a smooth finish.

The Zaron Face primer refines the skins texture for a flawless velvety-smooth finish as it is oil  free and transparent and helps your makeup glide on smoothly.

By using a setting spray after you have applied your make-up, you give it a perfect finish and help your makeup sit pretty and last longer. The Zaron setting spray is definitely a win for this.

4. You are applying foundation with your fingers

Foundation tricks

Using your fingers may seem practical but this can create streaks and lines instead of a smooth matte finish.

A good foundation trick for a long lasting finish is to use  a damp make-up sponge or a foundation brush to apply your foundation onto your face as this also allows your product to last longer.

You can opt for the  Uoma beauty foundation applicator, a big head dual makeup sponge designed to fit the unique angles and curves of your face.

Its high density angled side is perfect for full coverage foundation application as well as high-definition precision contouring.

The smooth domed lower density side is perfect for blending and blurring as well as light to medium foundation application.

You can also use the  BeautybyFey  Bomb Microfiber Velvet Sponge which is a double-sided sponge applicator designed for applying and blending all formulas to create a perfectly flawless complexion regardless of the formula.

5. You are  laying your foundation on too thick

Foundation Trick For a House of Slay- 6 Common Mistakes To Avoid. 1

Putting on layers and layers of foundation is not the best way to achieve an even tone. This will lead to your make-up looking caked, smudged and the colour may look lighter or darker than intended.

6. You are  not blending your foundation down your jawline

We tend to only focus on our face when applying foundation which can create a ‘mask’ effect.

When applying a full face of foundation, make sure to blend it down to your neck for an even look, as the neck mostly tends to be darker than the face making one look like a clown.

Foundations come in different formulas; namely powder, creamy and liquid so know what is best suited for your skin and go for it.

Just like the foundation is the most important aspect of anything in life, having the wrong approach to foundation application for your makeup process is like building an entire house on sinking sand.


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