We’ve all been there. You’re in a photo that you thought was okay, only to find some glaring issue later on. Now it’s too late! You look like a washed-out ghostly presence with all your friends looking gorgeous around you.

You’ll be glad to know there are ways around this. There are tips for beforehand and even retroactive steps. If you’ve ever wondered if you can add lipstick to an existing picture, you should check out these 5 Brilliant Makeup Tricks for Looking Great in Photos

Matte For the Middle

All lenses have quirks, and one of these is a kind of foreshortening that occurs in a lot of pics. The experts agree that getting a nice, shimmery look is great for photos, but you want to avoid a slick and greasy effect.

One simple Makeup Trick to do this is to use a more matte effect in the center of your face, blending it into the shimmer towards the sides. When the pic comes out, you’ll notice how well this tip works!

Contrast is Crucial

It’s always a good idea to have your features at least partly accentuated under any conditions. However, if you’re going to be taking snaps in any darker setting, whether at night or indoors, you want to heighten the effect a little.

This is even more crucial if there’s going to be a flash. Higher contrasts will prevent your face from becoming “samey” across your features or making you look like a composite image from a police line-up.

Don’t Smear, Stipple

For those blemishes, it’s often tempting to slather on concealer. It seems logical that the more you put on, the better. The thing is, though, you generally just end up advertising the spot instead of masking it, especially in photos.

A simple Makeup Trick to ensure that the pin-prick-sized spot doesn’t become a coin-sized patch of discolored skin in your photo, you should really opt for a less-is-more approach. Using a small brush, dab into the concealer, and then very lightly stipple it on the affected area.

There’s no need to go heavy at all. You will see in the results that a stippling motion with a light brush is really all you need, and you don’t even have to do any blending this way either.

5 Brilliant Makeup Tricks for Looking Great in Photos 1


Timing is Big

It should be one of your first thoughts: What time of day will the picture be taken? It makes a lot of difference to your look. If it’s likely to be earlier in the day, the sun will be higher and brighter, so you’ll have to compensate with softer effects.

Going for a shimmery look at noon will likely give you a Tinkerbell appearance and burn the photographer’s retinas. The shimmer is really best suited to sundown when the colors all go deeper and redder. Otherwise, you might get the nuclear effect instead.

Lips and Eyes

The two features that always stand out are the lips and the eyes. It might seem strange, but this means you can often go quite strong with them. If there’s any part of the makeup where you can let loose, it’s the lips and eyes area.

Accentuating these parts of the face tends to come out really positively with photos, so you can opt for a more striking color and tone. Conversely, when you try to be too subtle about lips and eyes, the results can often be underwhelming.

5 Brilliant Makeup Tricks for Looking Great in Photos 2


Last Word

It can be a source of anxiety for many women, but taking pics really should be fun. After all, that’s the point, isn’t it? It’s a good thing that with just a few little tricks, you can turn out looking wonderful and happy in any picture. Try them out and see!





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