As a startup owner, one of the most important aspects of your new business that needs more work is branding. A solid branding strategy not only allows for a smooth launch of your brand but also helps to distinguish your brand from others. A lot of businesses offer the same product to the same market, and the only way to get noticed is through your visual and non-visual branding.

For some startup owners who happen to know the importance of good branding, they only focus on the visuals -colours, fonts and so on. They leave out the most important aspect which is the type of strategy that influences every branding decision they make.

Did you recently launch your startup business or you are thinking of starting one? Here are some branding strategies for a startup you should know:

  1. Brand Your Promotions

One of the reasons why some startups fail after their first few months is because they fail to brand their promotions. Yes, branding your promotions should include your idea, concept, execution, brand personality and even stamping your brand colors everywhere, but that is not the main issue. As a new business, your promotion is you talking to a customer on why they should patronize you over other brands, and to make this work, you need to demonstrate an immediate value.

Demonstrating an immediate value involves you telling your target audience what they stand to gain when they buy from you. These immediate values asides your product can either be a discount offer, a gift or a handwritten note, addressing them by their names. Ensure that your promotions effectively communicate the spirit, purpose, and values of your new business.

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  1. Brand Your Social Media Accounts

More than three and a half billion people use social media and out of these users, 60% of businesses are using social media while 57% of small businesses use social media. To stand out from these numbers, you need to create a unique brand for yourself. A lot of consumers go to social media to research new brands, learn more about them, get the opinions of others, interact with the brands themselves and also finalize their buying decisions. Here are a few tips to help you with this particular branding strategy:

  • Learn more about your audience
  • Get verified
  • Build a smooth business relationship with the target audience. This involves interacting and responding to every message you get from potential customers.
  • Top-notch organization
  • Post content regularly
  1. Use Cohesive Visual Branding

Many startup owners forget about the importance of using their syle guide all through their brand journey. As a new business, it is most likely you have worked with brand developers to create a style guide for your brand. This style guide contains the colour, font, graphics, motto and even visual styles for your brand, and everything needs to fit together on all platforms. The visual branding on your brand’s website must fit with the one on your brand’s Instagram account.

Your branding sets the tone for your business, as it often serves as the first impression for potential customers. Here are five tips you can use to help create a cohesive brand identity for your startup:

  • Create a memorable logo
  • Use a consistent colour palette
  • Choose complimentary fonts
  • Establish a consistent tone of voice
  • Create and stick to brand guidelines
  1. Evoke an Emotional Response

This branding strategy has worked for large business owners, more reason why you should try it. It is called emotional or mood marketing. It refers to campaigns that appeal to the feelings or emotions of your audience. When you tell a brand story so well, you get the emotional attention of your target audience.

This includes giving them a proper view and background story of your brand. Consider doing the following:

  • Tell your story
  • Broadcast your values
  • Be yourself
  • Aim for honesty and authenticity
  • Be empathetic
  • Create positive emotions

Earning the emotions of your audience simply means building trust with your prospects through an honest approach in all of your marketing strategies. Take your time to introduce all of these branding strategies into your business and improve your game.

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