We all want to look good and one of the primal ways to do so as ladies, is through our hairstyles. And when it comes to hairstyles, braids tower high. If you’re African, then braids would already be part of you. From being given hairstyles way back in school, to rocking Bob braids at graduation parties; it is no doubt that cornrows are a girl’s best friend. But, even though they say “pain is fashion”, the stress that comes with braiding can be unnerving. Asides the pains that come with the initial period of carrying the braids, there is the previously unavoidable waiting period for the hair to get done. Some braids take as long as 7 – 12 hours to get done! Exotically when you want slimmer ones. Sometimes, the thought of all that stress can make a lady completely give it all up. Luckily, even fashion moves with the trends. There are now much easier ways to rock braids without dealing with the semi torture that comes with making it. They include:

  • Crochet

Simple ways to get beautiful braids without sitting at the salon for long hours 1














Crocheting is bae! Whoever invented it absolutely knows how to make a girl happy. Crochets are wonderful alternatives to braiding. They are set up as single weaves and are held on to your hair with a crochet pin. With crocheting, a hairdo that would ordinarily take hours to make can be replicated in minutes! Sometimes, you can’t even tell the difference at all. You also have a wide range of options to choose from.


  • Braid wig

Simple ways to get beautiful braids without sitting at the salon for long hours 2










All braid lovers would already know about it. Just as we have other wigs, we now have braid wigs! You can now have braids done in your absence and just put it on whenever you want. Because you have the opportunity to even remove it when you’re tired or when you want to sleep, not only are they convenient, they also last much longer. Like regular braids, you can make a myriad of styles and switch your style in less than a minute. The only down side of this is taking caution so people don’t pull your hair!


  • Keep it simple

Simple ways to get beautiful braids without sitting at the salon for long hours 3















Sometimes, simplicity is the best bet. If you want to switch up your braids without using any of the above options, then a great option is to do a simple style. Simple all-back Cornrows and braid styles would be done in less than an hour. This would also be more affordable than crocheting and also cheaper than creating a braid wig in the short term.


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