Have you been in a gathering and watched someone walk in and the only word you could say while staring was “wow she looks so elegant”.

There are specific traits that make you look elegant if you want to look effortlessly classy and elegant all day.

Being elegant isn’t rock science it’s how you dress, how you speak, how you carry yourself, and of course your lifestyle. 

These elegant traits can be seen in some sets of people:


  1. Consideration of others (respectfulness)

One of the most important personality traits that show you’re an elegant person is being considerate. As a considerate individual, you recognize the existence and needs of people around you.


While respecting yourself and having your own goals and priorities, you’re mindful of the space, time, and beliefs of others. Elegance is about the extra bit of consideration for the time, space, and needs of others.


  1. Being conscious of where you are headed (spatial awareness)


An elegant individual walks with intention and doesn’t stumble or walk into other people. In a large crowd, they don’t shove or push. They wait for an opening and take it.


The elegant person closes a door gently when they leave a building and steps downstairs like a supermodel. I’m not saying you’ll never be clumsy or fall if you’re elegant, but you will walk and direct yourself with care.

  1. Speaking with diction and grace (temperance)

How you speak. We all come from different backgrounds, classes, cultures, and beliefs.


But elegant person pronounces their words so that others can understand them, and they do their best to be graceful. This means keeping aggressive instincts to a minimum in terms of swearing or rude comments.


  1. Being punctual as much as possible (self-discipline)


Punctuality is an important personality trait. This attention to time and care about getting to events, meetings, and dates on time is an Old World trait. This can drive people take you very seriously which can make you look elegant.


The thing about being punctual is not only that it’s respectful and classy. It also that it shows you have the trait of self-discipline. Instead of hitting the alarm clock for another 20-minute snooze, you get up, shower, and throw on a blazer.

Oftentimes that makes all the difference.

  1. Appreciating beauty in life and art (refinement)


Appreciation of beauty in life and art is one of the most crucial personality traits that show you’re an elegant person. Refinement and good taste are somewhat subjective.

Your favorite painting may not be mine and vice versa, But an appreciation of what you find to be beautiful in life and art is a hallmark of elegance. The elegant individual is always striving for beauty and beautiful things. They can even find beauty where nobody else can. All of these can make you look elegant.

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