P+ Measurement Services Wins 6 awards in 2022 which includes awards from LaPRIGA and Brandcom.
P+ Measurement Services Wins
P+ Measurement Services, Nigeria’s leading Independent Public  Relations measurement and evaluation agency, has through its quality services to clients in diverse sectors attained numerous feats comprising the ‘Best in the use of Research and measurement’ award at this year’s Lagos State PR Industry Gala and Award (LaPRIGA),
P+ Measurement Services
the ‘Best PR Measurement Company of the Year and the ‘Best Media Monitoring and Intelligence Company’ awards at the 2022 Brandcom and Nigeria Media Nite-out award ceremonies held respectively in Lagos.
With the latest award at the LaPRIGA (an NIPR Oscar) event held on December 2022, P+ earned the reputation as the foremost company in its industry, outwitting others with cutting-edge services that are
advantageous to clients’ successes.
It was also on that premise that the company with its ground-breaking
approach to PR Measurement and Evaluation clinched other laurels, at this year’s Nigeria Media Nite-out and Brandcom awards held in October and November, respectively.
P+ Measurement Services
The Brandcom event was organised by Brand Communicator, a foremost
brands and marketing magazine, which recognises brands and top personnel
that have excelled in their industry, while the other is an annual award that celebrates winners in various categories of the media.
P+ Measurement Services
Given that, the leading-edge agency has in the past seven years engendered the needed growth for its clients, having worked with over 68 brands and 17 Public Relations agencies in Nigeria, Africa’s largest
economy, which is known as the business destination for foreign investors.
Commenting on the honors, the Chief Insights Officer, Philip Odiakose, said P+ is well committed to boosting its clients’ productivity through its various offerings with up-to-the-minute expertise and a value-driven business model that outperforms others in its industry.
P+ Measurement Services
He stated that the company’s quest for excellence also spurred other achievements like the ‘Most Resourceful and Innovative Media Monitoring & intelligence agency award, and the ‘Prestige Excellence award, both in 2022.
Others are the ‘Leader in PR Measurement, Nigeria’ and the ‘PR Industry Influencer in Nigeria’ earned in 2021 by Odiakose.
P+ Measurement Services Wins 6 awards in 2022 1
According to him, P+ measurement and evaluation report is customised to
suit brands’ valid metrics and are based on the AMEC Standard in accordance with the Barcelona Principle 3.0, for the provisioning of media monitoring, measurement, evaluation, and performance audit
services for clients in the Banking, Telecom, Insurance, Airlines, Tourism, Government, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Pensions, Health Management Organisations (HMOs), Tobacco, Lifestyle and other
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