Braids just got cooler or are we just tripping with excitement?

Knotless braids have become popular amongst the ladies as it is now the go-to hairstyle for all things braids. The simplicity of the hairstyle with an exemption of the knot on the root which caused a lot of us a grave amount of pain for a few days.

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Knotless braids are mostly done with the fibre attachment and in a box braid style which makes it even neater. It is the plaiting of your natural hair first before applying attachments or extensions for volume/length.

Not a lot of people have tried this new technique but those who have confessed that it is
effortless and easy to carry and we are here for it.

What are your thoughts on this, wear or trash?

knotless braids WEAR OR TRASH: Knotless Braids 1 WEAR OR TRASH: Knotless Braids 2 WEAR OR TRASH: Knotless Braids 3

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