By Moyosore Arobake

Aromatherapy AmbianceAromatherapy is the massage and inhalation of the essential oils of herbs, grasses, fruits and flowers. It is probably the most luxurious of all beauty treatments: a soothing, relaxing body massage performed with fragrant oils. Of over a hundred oils available, it is said that each has a different function: lavender is cleansing and antiseptic, rosemary is an astringent, sage a circulation stimulant; basil, an antibiotic; rose, neroli, marjoram, anti-depressants.
Essential oils are claimed to help break down cellulite deposits, lessen sinus problems and even improve acne. Instead of acting as carriers for massage movements, these lightweight oils are said to penetrate the body’s organs to further wellbeing. Whether you believe this or not, aromatherapy is at least a highly sensual experience which benefits skin tissue and relaxes muscles and mind.
Daniele Ryman is the leading authority in the aromatherapy field in England and pupil of the late Marguerite Maury who pioneered the treatment in Europe. Daniele mixes her own essential oils and is amused by cynics who scoff at this “back to nature” treatment: “we go beyond the pure and natural movement – to chemistry! For example, Listerine is made from ingredients found in many plants: phenol, thymol.” Daniele is realistic about the rejuvenating powers of aromatherapy. “I cannot make people of sixty look thirty, but if they have aromatherapy treatment at forty they should be able to look that age for some time.”
The massage used is a combination of acupressure and European massage and is highly technical, but you can buy the essential oils and use them for your own self-massage. Use them on the base of the back, neck and face; on the breasts, to firm them; and in circular movements on the stomach – particularly beneficial if you are pregnant and want to avoid stretch marks. The Essential oil can be purchase from Health Stores around you.
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