BEAUTY FRIDAY- Albino Beauty


We (Women) all love to look good. Brows properly trimmed and carved, makeup on fleek! The Albinos aren’t left out of this game either. They are a very beautiful set of people and their eyes…..breathtaking! *gasping for breath* <br /> <br />




Here are few makeup tips for my albino sweethearts. <br /> <br />





– If you are a makeup artist, you have to be extremely careful when doing makeup for an albino because the slightest pressure from your finger tips, can make her go red! <br /> <br />





– As an albino, it is important to know what suits you best. Know how to apply the right makeup, which products to use and ensure these products match your skin tone and neck. See beautiful photos… <br /> <br />


Photo Credit: @AraByLaide


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