Let’s Rate Stephanie’s Style Sense…..Shall We??


If you don’t know who Stephanie Shepherd is, then kindly allow us introduce her to you. Stephanie was Kim Kardashian’s personal assistant (and a good friend ofcourse) before she was eventually promoted to COO of the Kardashian West Brands. (There’s a high possibility you’ve seen her a couple of times in the episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians). Even though they (Kim and Stephanie) no longer work together, Stephanie is quickly gaining fans with her amazing sense of style, she’s even picked up a couple of styling tricks from Kim K along the way (how cool is that??). With just one scroll through her Instagram, you’ll see why Stephanie’s style and frenzy captions deserve your undivided attention.

Read on to see her best looks ahead.



Photocredit: Stephanie Shepherd

Karah Adu

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