It is bad enough that we must go to work early, do as much work as we can for our employers and depend a fixed salary every month. Having a boss that makes your life harder, is just a little too much stress. What we usually want is a loving individual that would support us and value our talents. However, this doesn’t always happen.He or she might be unnecessarily tough, frustrating, and can make work not worth it at all. There are many of interesting ways to circumvent this challenge, and here are some of them.

Ways to deal with a tough boss 1

  1. Make yourself an asset

Become indispensable to the company by mastering all aspects of your job even when it might not be convenient. Become the best you can be and with time,things would change. At the end of the day, that’s what your boss is most interested in.

  1. Understand your boss

Try to identify what makes your boss so tough. Identify what triggers his/her bad character or reactions. If it is something you are doing wrongly,you’ll know you must do things a little differently. Try to be more understanding and put yourself in his/her shoes. You just might find out that your boss is under pressure from clients and management.

  1. Don’t make it worse

Don’t complain to your boss’s boss or to other staff of the company; it would most likely make things more difficult for you to deal with.Reporting your boss may only aggravate him/her and make your relationship with him/her even worse.  Complaining to your co-workers about your boss as well, could only make you hate him or her some more. Moreover, if someone overhears your malicious discussion about your boss things may get worse.

  1. Hold on to your values

No matter how terrible it gets, stay true to yourself and your values. Don’t let your anger and frustration push you into doing things that you may regret. Be at your best behaviour and be happy with your work. Be punctual and dress decently,even compliment your boss’s dressing or speech if possible. Be politer, say thank you more to him or her. After a while, your boss would begin to like and respect you more and your relationship with your boss could be better.

 5. Set Boundaries and Stay Positive

Draw a line. Set boundaries on what he or she can/cannot say or at least set boundaries on the things that you allow get to you. Don’t discuss your personal life at work so you are not a victim of familiarity.In all things, stay positive. Don’t let external events affect you so much. It’s never really that serious.

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