Relationships are fun and games, until they are just not anymore. Even tougher is picking up the pieces after the relationship has ended. Getting out of a failed relationship can be heart-breaking and sometimes, draining. For most people, what usually follows up is a desperation to fill up the void using vices, sugar, or other people. However, if there’s anything we can guarantee, it is the fact that none of these things are lasting. While we can also attest to the fact that this phase can be very tough, here are a few tips on moving speedily.

Tips on getting over an ex speedily 1

  1. Lose Contact

As a result of how attached we get, it could be hard to cut all ties completely. So every now and then, we put out one call here, send a few texts, or even stalk them on social media. Needless to say, it is really a bad idea. Want to cut off? Then don’t contact your ex at all. It is important not to deceive yourself that you can remain best friends immediately after the break up. So, take time off and you would be better for it.

 2. Focus on yourself

Now that you are single, you have a lot of extra time. All that time you would have used in calling or checking up on your ex is now vacant. It is important not to desperately fill it with another individual. Rather, use it for yourself and do something you love. You could get a new hobby, exercise or even focus on work.

 3. Avoid being alone

Being alone gives you enough time to think too much about your ex and that would only make you sad or even angry. Surround yourself with friends and family that you could have fun with. Isolating yourself might make you do something you would regret eventually. Instead, go out with your friends, have fun and seek out healthy ways to be happy.

  1. Cry if necessary

Getting over an ex may be something you really want to do but crying sometimes would help you let out the pain you feel. Don’t pretend to be too strong and shove all your emotions away. If you do that, you could be emotionally unstable for a longer time.

 5. Avoid getting into a new relationship

Jumping into a new relationship is a bad decision as you could end up hurting your new partner. You might also end up constantly comparing your new partner to your ex. You don’t need to go into a new relationship to get over your ex; it would most likely do more harm than good.

 6. Remind yourself that you can get a better partner

Sometimes, we think we cannot get better than our ex’s. It is so wrong! Remind yourself that you deserve better and that you indeed would get better.Remind yourself that you are beautiful/handsome, strong and amazing. Anyone would be lucky to have you!

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