The Prestigious Eloy Awards 2020 will be happening in November, and we’re super excited to show you the categories for the awards happening soon. We would be celebrating Women making a difference in their various sectors, but these sectors have been streamlined to 15 categories

The Category List For The Prestigious ELOY Awards 2020

ELOY Award for Agriculture

A woman who has achieved significant business success in the agricultural and agribusiness field with great impact in her community and country as a whole.

ELOY Award for Social Enterprise or NGO

This award is for a woman who is leading an NGO or a Social Enterprise impacting lives through their activities, to solve economic and social issues. A woman who has made a significant social impact in the community and Nigeria. She is providing solutions to cultural, educational, environmental or financial challenges with her innovative product or service.

Entrepreneur of the Year

A woman in business. An entrepreneur who has demonstrated success in her sector through her work, leadership and excellence.

ELOY Award for Technology

This award is for a woman who works in the digital space as an entrepreneur and is successfully using the digital tools to enhance her business and empowering others to do so.

This award recognises a woman who has used science and technology to create a platform offering knowledge, service, product or solution to build sustainable businesses.

Innovative Fashion Designer of the Year

This award is for a woman in the fashion industry who is making an impact and an employer of labour, who has been consistent and creative within the ELOY year and during the pandemic.

Innovative Beauty Practitioner of the Year

This is for a woman in the beauty industry making a mark and an employer of labour.

On-Air Personality

A woman on radio who is using her platform to educate, entertain, inspire people.

TV Personality

A female TV personality who uses her platform to entertain, educate and inspire others.

ELOY Foundation Award for Enterprise

This is an award for the woman that gives the best business pitch at the ELOY conference under the umbrella of the ELOY Awards Foundation

Health Care Practitioner

This award seeks to recognize and celebrate women health care providers who have demonstrated excellence whilst working and providing care for patients during the pandemic.

Women in Finance

An ELOY award for a woman in the finance sector who has shown integrity, leadership and excellence in this sector whilst advocating for financial inclusion for women. Could be a financial consultant or working in the finance sector.

Women in Media

A woman in print, digital or social media, actively using her platform to educate and inform others.


This award is for a man who using his platform to support, empower women and advocates for women.

Women in Education

This award is for a woman in the education sector.

So, there you have it, be expectant, because the ELOY Awards 2020 will be an amazing experience.

In the meantime, check out a video of 2019’s ELOY Awards Nomination Party

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