Ex Glamour South Africa editor in chief Asanda Sizani ‘s new platform #BlackEditors spoke to model Kaone Kario on COVID19 impact on the modelling industry.

On her Instagram page Asanda shared:

There are many moving parts in fashion media. And many people who rely on magazine bookings who now find themselves jobless. In addition to my weekly @BlackEditors_ chats, I’ve decided to have conversations with non-Editors on some weekends. Let’s call it a weekend special.

My first “Weekend Special” is focused on the modelling industry. Since their industry is also under threat, a conversation around the state of the SA modelling industry is necessary.
We’re seeing magazine closures, fashion shows are cancelled and there’s a travel ban. Illustrated and CGI magazine covers are trending, meaning less model bookings. These are additional threats to agencies who were already competing with the rise and rise of social media influencers. So with all that, what does the future of the modelling industry look like in SA? I’ve invited the beautiful @kaonekario to the conversation. Her distinct look made her a permanent fixture on runways and editorials for so many years. She’s currently in Cape Town, her international work on hold indefinitely.

[…] @black_editors .

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Check out excerpts from the live sessions from their IGTV below!




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