It’s no longer news that DJ Cuppy (Ifeoluwa Otedola) is set to release a new album tagged ‘Original Copy’. She made sure of this by regularly updating her fans about the progress of the work, even her newly released single, Jollof on the Jet.

This journey started from when she wanted to name her EP, which later turned into a full-on album and now, she just dropped the lead single (Jollof on The Jet) for the Original Copy album.

So, we thought to bring it all back with this little piece tagged:

The Journey To Original Copy So Far

1. Name Search for The EP

DJ Cuppy has always wanted to expand from just DJing to actually making music, which she successfully started in 2017 with the release of her single, Green light where she featured Nigerian musician, Tekno.

Watch the video below:

In January, she revealed her plans to release an EP and immediately got to work, when the EP was 64% done, according to her, she asked her fans for a name.

View this post on Instagram

🎶☄️🎵 #ToCuppyThisTune

A post shared by Cuppy (@cuppymusic) on

Same thing, when the EP was almost finished.

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2. Announcing Jollof On The Jet

Three days after her first request for title suggestions, DJ Cuppy announced that she had a song titled Jollof on the Jet and didn’t know who to feature. She also asked fans for suggestions on this.

Here’s a video where she generated the lyrics for her verse in “Jollof on The Jet”

3. Naming The EP

She finally decided to streamline the search to ten options gotten from multiple opinions of her fans. The options were:

So she made a twitter poll to finally pick one and here are the results:

The votes were cast and ‘Original Copy’ was chosen based on an oxymoron theme.


4. From EP To Album

With the addition of an extra track, the work grew from an EP into an album and with the lockdown restrictions at the time, Cuppy had to seek help from her sister, rather than going to the studio. See for yourself!


5. The Release Date for Original Copy, The Album

So, Cuppy finally decided to announce the release date for her debut album, but she thought to tease it first.


6. Release Of Jollof On The Jet

Dj Cuppy has been thrilled about this particular single since she conceived it and when she was ready to release it to the world, she said so.

Then, she announced the release date.


She continued with teases, which included a 30-second snippet of the song, saying “couldn’t wait till Friday I’ve just posted a 30s snippet of #JollofOnTheJet.”

She added a challenge right after. Two days ago, she told her fans to post pictures/videos of themselves eating jollof rice in the craziest places possible.

Finally, she released the song today, where she featured popular hitmaker, Rema and Tanzanian musician, Rayvanny; which has proved so far to be a hit.

We can’t wait to see where the journey leads to. Let’s keep watching, shall we?


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