An encounter with failure made Stephanie Obi discover a hidden industry worth over $107 billion.

In 2013, she organized a training program aimed at teaching women how to start their own Ankara Accessories business in order to achieve financial empowerment.

To her greatest dismay, not a single person paid for the training. Instead of quitting, she went back to the drawing board and decided to learn how to use social media to market her training programs. This led to a turnaround in her business as she started getting customers for her training program and requests from people outside Lagos and even outside Nigeria.

In New Book, Stephanie Obi reveals How to Strike Gold with Knowledge 1

She could not travel to all the cities she was getting requests from, and decided to launch an online course so that people could have access to the training program regardless of where they lived.

This experiment turned out to be a great success as people paid for her online course from all over Nigeria and from over nine countries. Unknown to Stephanie, she had stumbled on the online education market, which was on the rise and is now projected to be worth $325 billion in 2025. A recent example of this is LinkedIn’s acquisition of, an online courses provider.

In New Book, Stephanie Obi reveals How to Strike Gold with Knowledge 2


Five years later, Stephanie has gone on to launch 20 more online courses across multiple niches, and has trained over 600 women across nine countries. She has also built an online community of over 20,000 people.

Seeing the gap in the knowledge market in Africa, and the need for millenials to have access to information that can help them grow more successful businesses, Stephanie launched Trayny, an online educational platform that creates and manages online courses by Africa’s most trusted leaders.

She has also developed a signature framework on how to create and launch online courses, so that more people can gain financial freedom by sharing their knowledge through online courses.

In New Book, Stephanie Obi reveals How to Strike Gold with Knowledge 3

She shares all this in her new book, “Knowledge is the New Gold”. This game changing book which will be out in the month of June, is filled with expert tips, tried and tested strategies and proven practical advice on how to turn your knowledge, talents and experiences into a goldmine.

It also contains easy-to-implement steps for finding your voice, building an online community around your topic and marketing your course online.

Through this book, Stephanie gives women (and a few bold men) the tools to live independent and financially free lives while creating impact and opportunities for others.

Knowledge is the New Gold is the new guide for women everywhere who want to be more, do more, have more and leave a lasting legacy.

In New Book, Stephanie Obi reveals How to Strike Gold with Knowledge 4

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