Nigeria’s ever-expanding Digital Beauty Resource & Consultancy – BiL, formerly known as Beauty In Lagos, announces its first-ever BiL Beauty Awards.

Founded in 2012 by Beautypreneur & Communications Strategist, Ezinne Alfa, BiL has become a Global Voice for Beauty and Wellness on the African continent, amplifying the Nigerian Beauty industry and helping brands grow.

The BiL Beauty Awards is scheduled to take place in Lagos, Nigeria, on the 28th of May, 2023. 

The BiL Beauty Awards will be an exciting and glamorous event celebrating the beauty industry in Nigeria and recognising the people who have contributed to its growth, expansion, and structuring.

The awards show will bring together leaders, innovators, and visionaries in the beauty industry to network, share ideas, and celebrate their achievements.

The Nigerian beauty industry has definitely bloomed in the last 11 years since BiL was launched, and we believe now is the time to begin celebrating and recognising the exceptional talent and innovation within the industry.

Currently, there are no awards created specifically for the industry and we are launching this event to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our beauty industry.

The Awards will recognize a range of categories, including makeup artists, entrepreneurs, beauty bloggers/influencers, skincare experts, and more.

There will also be special recognition awards, such as the Lifetime Achievement Award, which will be given to individuals who have made significant contributions to the Nigerian beauty industry over the years.

The awards aim to celebrate the diversity of Nigeria’s beauty industry and its ability to provide high-quality products and services to a broad range of customers, while also recognizing the contributions made by individuals and businesses in the sector.

To ensure the fairness and transparency of the awards, there will be two categories for the awards selection: Reader’s Choice and Advisory Selection. Some awards will be decided by votes from our community, while others will be chosen by the members of the awards advisory board

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