The ELOY Awards are here again and we have the full details of how everything is going to run. So, kick back, relax and enjoy the ride!

The ELOY Awards, founded by Tewa Onasanya in 2009 is an annual event which consists of an awards ceremony and conference that celebrates and empowers women.

The organizers of the 12th Edition of ELOY (Exquisite Ladies of the Year) Awards are excited to announce the kick-off of activities for the 2020 ELOY awards. This year starting from July 8th through to 7th of October, highly informative and impactful webinar sessions have been scheduled under the ELOY Awards Foundation platform.

The ELOY Awards webinar training has been intentionally designed to cover a wide array of topics including Marketing skills building, E-commerce techniques, New Technology for Business, Tax Compliance, Publicity management, Brand Management, Agriculture, Networking and lots more.

ELOY Awards webinar

ELOY Awards Webinar Day 2 Schedule:

Sustainability- A business development strategy – 4pm

According to a report from The Bureau of Public Service Reform, Nigeria ranks 131 out of 190 countries on the World Bank Doing Business Index, moving up 15 places from 146th position in the 2019 Report. This indicates significant improvement in operating a business in Nigeria. This webinar hopes to offer relevant business and financial guidance to help entrepreneurs especially since the disruption of economic processes by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Make sure to tune in to the webinar to learn more.

Since 2018, ELOY Awards Foundation has empowered women through grants and affordable finance, entrepreneurial training, mentoring and networking for sustainable empowerment and the 2020 Eloy Awards webinar training will help maintain the cycle.

The watchword is SUSTAINABLE EMPOWERMENT, The ELOY Awards Foundation strives to always live up to this expectations by empowering and challenging women to be more and do more by providing access to resources, business skills and tools for them to be able to grow, transform and sustain their businesses, which will, in turn, benefit their families and the community at large.

ELOY Awards Webinar

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