Remember to remember!! If you know the power you have with your mind, you will never think a negative thought again. (It’s possible, it just takes working at it).
If you realise how creative your mind is, you will only feed it content that uplift you.
My sister’s and my kids (my hubby has gotten used to it) always think it’s amusing that I don’t watch horror movies, listen to or read certain things. I tell them that my imagination is unbelievable. I have come to know myself. When I was much younger, anytime I watched a horror movie or listened to stories that are sad, I recreate those thoughts in my head to the point they become so real to me and I believe them and get scared. When I realised this, I stopped watching or doing anything that I knew I would recreate in my head. Unknown to me then, I was practising mastering and knowing myself. Self awareness.
Believing is definitely seeing. If you don’t believe it, it cannot be seen in reality. I have tried this so many times to know that we have been programmed to think seeing (in reality first) is believing but hey, not in the living the life you desire scenario. Believe you can and you are almost there. I believe it’s SEEING IN YOUR MIND FIRST AND BELIEVE IT.
I’m still learning too and with every mountain I mount, a new level of awareness is required, I just fight the good fight of faith. I keep increasing my awareness and belief ante. The battlefield of the mind.
Nothing comes into existence from focusing on what you can see on the outside, which is probably not what you want. Everything comes from within and from the thoughts and feelings within. Believing on the inside first that it is possible.
What version of you do you see in your mind? Check It, reevaluate your thinking and act like the success you already know you are. We are all born to win. Cheers to our successes. Xo Tewa
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