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I am Alexandra Obochi also know as the Fatshionista. I first and foremost like to identify as a creative because I am many things in the sphere. A professional photographer, makeup artist and creative director on a good day. On other days I am a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger and plus-size model. Lol, you see why I like to identify as a creative? Cause that was clearly a mouth Full. I am 22 years old Queer woman based in Abuja Nigeria. and a graduate of the University of Benin, Benin city with B:A in international studies and diplomacy. Now onto these questions

  1. My style is

I would describe my style as queer. Same as myself. It never stays one place, never conforms. Retro, alte , vintage and cottage core. I feel these 4 encompasses how I feel most days when it comes to my style. Some days I wanna be a lady dressed in skirts and other days I want to wear Buba and look alte and crazy. My style is also Afrocentric in nature.

  1. I cannot live without

I cannot read without my glasses. Cause I’m low key blind and need them 😂

3. Favourite fashion trick

my favorite fashion trick would be this hack where you cut your jeans into tops. Forever a fav. I think I have a video on my page

4 fav designer right now would be ibe_tribal

5 lipgloss? We’re not a fan of chapped lips here people

6 Next item on my wish list: a Led light for photography and content creation

  1. Last purchase

does lollipop count?

  1. My favorite boutique shop

I’m a thrift girl all day. In other words, I live to buy Okrika

9. My best shopping city: Ummm I’ll have to say Abuja

10. I feel sexier when I’m wearing: when I’m wearing a blazer, palazzo pants and turtle neck with heels. I look so good I could eat myself 😌

11. When I’m on the red carpet, I like to: well I’ve never been on the red carpet so I wouldn’t know

12. Fashion rule I live by:

Do you the world will adjust

13. I am currently carrying

a tote bag

14. Your favourite place in your wardrobe

it’s impossible. I mean nahhhhh it’s impossible

  1. Signature accessories

Rings all day. Then earrings and necklaces

16. what are you buying this season to update your look

more blazers

17. Who is the most stylish woman you have seen

My mother

18 . What are your beauty essentials

lipgloss. Bronzer. Moisturizer

  1. Early Style Influencer

Ronke Raji

  1. How often do you repeat outfit

All the time. You’d just never know because  my style is impeccable

Style Q and A With Alexandra Obochi aka the Fatshionista 1 Style Q and A With Alexandra Obochi aka the Fatshionista 2 Alexandra Obochi




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