Are you in search of something different? Something that combines décor and fragrance? Generis candle got you covered!

Exquisite Magazine had a private interview session with Omotola Somoye, the founder of Generis candles. Read up!

Tell Us About You


My name is Omotola Somoye. I am a hospitality consultant and I am also, the founder of Generis Candles. I have a passion for creating, developing, and managing brands

What Does Your Business Do?


We create beautiful, handcrafted, sculptural candles that will warm your home.

What Problem Does Your Business Solve?

Having a statement piece that looks and smells good, in your beautiful home. You don’t have to buy décor pieces and buy candles. Generis Candles are both.

How Do You Solve Your Customer Challenges?

I would say by solving it as fast as I can.

Who Are Your Ideal Customers?

That would be anyone that lives for aesthetics.

Can You Outline or Describe Your Typical Day?

• Check on candles that were made, the previous night.

• Pack orders that are to be picked up for delivery.

• Go to my restaurant job for the day.

• Post, and take orders and enquiries on Instagram.

• Close from work by 11 pm.

• Get back home to make some candles or check on the ones my staff made during the day, before going to bed.

• Repeat the entire routine the next day.


How Has Being An Entrepreneur Affected Your Family Life?

Not much. Except that I can’t go out as much, because I make candles every day. Although, now that I have hired a staff, I have more free time.

What Motivates You?

I love growth. I always want to do more and be better than I was yesterday. I am always thinking of the next thing to do. Always. And that’s what motivates me.

How Do You Generate New Ideas?

I research a lot.

What Is Your Greatest Fear, And How Do You Manage Fear?

My greatest fear is Failure but after failing at a lot of things, I have come to terms with the fact that it is inevitable.

I manage it by getting back up, dusting myself off, and going again.

How Do You Define Success?


Success is when you feel you have achieved the goals you set for yourself, no matter how small.

Do You Believe There Is Some Sort Of Pattern/Formula To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur?

Having a winning charisma and the right attitude.  

What Is Your Favorite Aspect Of Being An Entrepreneur?

The creativity that comes with it.

How Did The Idea For Your Business Come About?

I had the idea to start making candles while going through a dark period in my life. But I knew, I wanted to do a different type of candle.

What Advice Do You Have For People Who Want To Become Entrepreneurs?

Believe in yourself!

If You Had The Chance To Start Your Career Over Again, What Would You Do Differently?

I would start earlier than I did!


What Would You Say Are The Top 3 Skills Needed To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?



Time management

What Entrepreneurial Tricks Have You Discovered To Keep You Focused And Productive In Your Day-to-day Schedule?

I have discovered that when I plan my social media posts about 2 weeks in advance, I am able to achieve more. I don’t think of what to post every day or what caption to write for each post. I also create about 10-15 reels in my free time that are saved in drafts. This helps me to better manage my time.

Who Has Been Your Greatest Inspiration?

Pretty much anyone that is successful in their chosen career. I get inspired by different people, every time.

If You Were To Write A Book About Yourself, How Would You Name It?

On the way to success – wins, and losses.

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