Ever wondered how a good nail could play a really important role for that look? Quite frankly, the fastest reasons to yay or nay an outfit is the simplest things like nails and accessories but in this editorial, how about we stick to nails.
Lets go back all the way to pre-school and play a game of shapes and colours.
1) a perfectly good preppy outfit (peterpan a-line midi dress and a pair of ballerina flat)?
2) rocky hard goth ( black bicker jacket over a black croptop with a brown and red plaid plaid shirt smirk and platform lace boots)?
3) glam fabulosity ( sheer and sequin gown and a 6inches stilettos)?
4) borrowed from the boys just like this season’s trend( white tees on a boyfriend jeans and converse)?
5) elegance and chic, yum…my favourite ( yellow suite blazer over a white sheer blouse, white pants and nude pointy pumps)?
Now Notice all of these very distinctive personal style and match the very distinctive personal kinda nails. (No peeky)
It’s really clear that with or without accessories, little things like a lady’s finger tips always always and always matter in a perfect outfit.

ANSWERS(read words backwards)
1) etihw and dnuor
2) krad ydnugrub and dnomla
3) edun and lavo
4)noyn,letsap and erauqs
5) der and ytniop

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