Today’s small black business feature is no other brand than this amazing women fashion brand. The Iwade Brand – /eewaday/ is on a mission to seamlessly combine sustainability and style through exquisite handmade pieces and truth be told about this brand, they are steadily achieving this mission.

I stumbled on their page on Instagram and one thing caught my attention – the fact that all the handmade pieces cater perfectly for all women. The product images I saw amazed me a lot because all fashion pieces made by this brand perfectly fit any woman. Either you are tall, short, slim or the thick type, the fashion pieces from Iwade will suit you perfectly. The design options they provide gives you an opportunity for self-discovery without losing your taste in the process.

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Owned by fashion entrepreneur, Keisha Eromosele, Iwade has perfectly served the everyday fashion needs of the exquisite woman with made to order handmade pieces. Asides from these chic style fashion pieces, another interesting point is the names they give to these pieces. These names are not only beautiful but they easily pass off as the results of a well-thought naming process.IWADE  (Clothing brand)

Nalah, Aiko, Lela and Maya are some of the amazing best sellers of the Iwade brand. With these timeless beautiful pieces that are ethically handmade to order, the goal to curate a space where all women feel comfortable, seen and accepted is steadily being achieved. Say hello to Iwade here!

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