Halisi consults is one of the consulting agencies in Nigeria that I have grown to love over the years. With a clear vision to “help business launch, grow and make a profit by creating effective business and marketing strategies”, they have helped several businesses overcome the hurdle most entrepreneurs face.

Founded by Tolani Thomas,- an award-winning entrepreneur, business developer, business consultant and Director, Sanitary Aid, Halisi provides consulting services that include but not limited to business analysis, business plans, marketing campaigns and market research.


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With a strategic process that is collaborative and well-tailored to a client’s needs, they are steadily changing the future of business consultancy in Nigeria. They have worked with several big clients from different sectors of the business industry and the reviews from these clients have further demonstrated their consulting prowess.

Tolani’s passion for helping businesses succeed with actionable strategies is one of the growth factors of this brand. With over 9 years of experience in business development and a Masters Degree in International Business and Management, she is helping businesses thrive with actionable strategies through her brand.

Exquisite magazine is proud to feature Halisi Consults on today’s edition of EM small business to watch. Do you need to develop profitable strategic partnerships?  Say hello to Halisi here!

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