1) Can you tell us more about you please?

My name is Sandra Osasogie Imagbe and I am from Edo state, Nigeria. I am an Actor, Content Creator, Media Presenter, Makeup Artist, and a Skincare Addict.

2) How long have you been in the industry?

I have been doing makeup professionally since 2012, been acting since I was 15 years, and started content creating / Skincare in 2018.

3) Please tell EM readers briefly about what you do?

I act, create comic skits, skincare, and makeup videos online, I also talk about random societal issues that I am passionate about.

4) What differentiates you from other Actresses?

My craft, I am always me not trying to be anyone else (Well only when I am acting lol).

Beauty Q & A of Osasogie Imagbe 1

5) Why are you passionate about skincare?

I have always love great skin as a child and at some point in my life I have serious issues with my skin as I grew, it took a lot of trying, giving up and patience to actually find what works for me. So that struggle kind of makes me want to educate people on how to care for their skin properly.


MY BEAUTY REGIMEN…… My beauty regimen is pretty simple. I cleanse, tone, use serum, face mask at least twice a week, moisturize, eye cream and sunscreen.

WHAT I DO FOR INNER HEALTH…… For my inner health, that’s where I do most of my skincare work and that’s what I am trying to make people know. I have a very healthy diet that I try to follow religiously, I take multivitamins a lot, I drink a lot of water and rest a lot. Without all this, you may use the best products but never find results. Beautiful skin starts from within.

PERSONAL BEAUTY TIPS…..  Be patient with products, so you can know what works and doesn’t work for you, jumping from product to product too quickly can damage your skin more. Getting good skin takes patience overtime not a miracle. Try to live a healthy lifestyle.

BEAUTY PRODUCT (S) I CAN’T DO WITHOUT….. That would be my lip balm primer lol.

WHATS IN MY MAKEUP BAG…..  My makeup bag has a lot of products I can’t even start to list lol

FAV BEAUTY PRODUCT AND WHY….. Too faced hangover primer it’s makes my face so soft and ready to lay foundation easily, also serves as SPF

FAV SKINCARE PRODUCT AND WHY….. My Neutrogena Cleanser it’s the best product I have bought, it’s works magic on my face.

BEST BEAUTY BUY….. Mac Cosmetics

FULL ON MAKEUP OR NATURAL MAKEUP….. Always a natural lol

Beauty Q & A of Osasogie Imagbe 2

YOUR QUICK MAKEUP REMOVAL TIP…. I use my Garnier Water cleanser

FAV SPA TREATMENT AND WHY….. Massages relax my nerves.

FAVORITE SCENT AND WHY…. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc and Amouge Interlude, they both have a scent that makes a statement when you walk into a place and it’s long-lasting. Been my favorite since I discovered them.

HAIR CARE TIPS AND WHY….. Protect your hair in protective styles and keep it clean when it’s not made.

FAV HAIRCARE PRODUCTS… Shea Moisture, they make products specifically tailored to give your hair the shine and care it craves.


BEST HAIR AND BEAUTY TIP YOU TRIED… Natural hair DIYs for hair buns. Beauty tips will be mixing my primer and foundation together for a natural look.

Beauty Q & A of Osasogie Imagbe 3

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