Welcome to 2018, my year of massive blessings!!
Blessed in our homes.
Blessed in the city.
Blessed when we go out.
Blessed when we come in.
Blessed in the morning.
Blessed at night.
Blessed when the sun is out.
Blessed when the moon is out.
Blessed in our going and coming.
Blessed blessed blessed.
Too massively blessed.

Blessed basking in the blessings!!!! Welcome to the year of great exploits. Wow!!!! Too excited to contain it.
Thank you Lord for 2018!!!! Wow we made it, it means God still has mind blowing use for us and HE has us in mind. Go and be the great you that you are destined to be. I know I am.

From the CEO, Exquisite Magazine and the Exquisite Team, we welcome you into a year of Greatness and wish you a wonderful year ahead!

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