We Want To Hear About Your Personal Style 1

we know that the clothes don’t make the woman; it’s the specifics of how, and why, and when you wear a dress (or t-shirt, or sneaker), that instills that special, intangible magic.  we at EM want to feature stories by women— including you, our readers—about the most immediate, visible way we express ourselves to the world: our clothes. we want to hear from you.

We’re looking for pictures showing/expressing your own unique style.  It’s about more than just a favorite item of clothing, because a cherished dress is never really just a dress: it’s a reflection of where you’ve been, what you’ve accomplished, who you’ve met, how you see the world— a reminder of definitive moments in your life.

So here it is: your chance to show EVERYONE just as Winifred did through Her Everyday Looks through EM-ONLINE.   To enter, e-mail your submission to adeile@exquisitemag.com  (Please include CLEAR PICTURES (NOT less than 6 pictures) your text in the body of the email rather than sending an attached document.)

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