Shoes can make or break your outfit in a heartbeat. So you make a substantial investment in your shoe collection. Shoes are easy to slay because there is no limit to the types of shoe you can slay. These style boards show the trendiest shoes this year.

Fashion Sneakers

Trendy Shoes to Slay in 2022No stylish wardrobe is complete without a pair of Sneakers. These Sneakers will give your monochromatic outfit a pop of colour. An all white pair of Sneakers is a wardrobe staple.

Chunky Platforms

4 Trendy Shoes to Slay in 2022 1Platforms are Shoes were style of shoes popular in the 70’s and they’re coming back in fashion. They are comfortable and super stylish. Everyone from the Valentino and Versace has been sending Platforms shoes done their Runways.

Lace up Heels

Trendy Shoes to Slay in 2022Lace-up Heels are the height of sexiness in shoes. It’s chic take on gladiator sandals. The way they wrap around you calves means they will look good with everything. Whether  it’s a mini or midi dress, a lace up heel will elevate it.

Sky High Heels

4 Trendy Shoes to Slay in 2022 2Our list on trendy shoes would not be complete without talking about sky high heels. This is because sky high heels are wardrobe staple. Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Rhianna have shown us you need sky high heels to slay. And we couldn’t agree more.

Sister,  you gotta up your shoe this year. Go for it , we are right behind you.


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