at the long walk lane
We went on a road trip to the Nelson Mandela capture site in Howick, which also houses the Apartheid museum. After about an hour on the roads, we stopped at the exact point where Nelson Mandela was captured in 1962 and he then went on to spend 27 years in prison. He called it the Long Walk to Freedom. I stopped my thoughts to take the sight in, and kind of imagined what it would have been like, ironically, I had just watched the long walk to freedom with Idris Elba as Mandiba, so it felt a little fresh.

After taking all the pictures we wanted, we head to the Apartheid Museum, where the memories of the whole life of Nelson Mandela is kept alive. We saw images from his childhood, through the struggle and stay in prison at Robben Island, being freed and then becoming the democratically elected president of South Africa. Our tour of the museum took us on a walk down a path that Nelson Mandela apparently walked on. It is called the Long Walk to freedom. At the end of this was is a magnificent sculpture which was created by an artists called Marco Cianfanelli to mark the 50th year anniversary of his capture. The sculpture was made with fifty poles which forms the head / face of the man himself, Nelson Mandela. The sculpture is breathtakingly beautiful.
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