The biggest opening day in the history of Nollywood! 1
I told you! This is the biggest hit in the history of Nollywood! A movie sold out #20m on the first day of opening? This is incredible…. A huge congratulations to MoAbudu and members of the cast and crew. See what Mo has to say…

“Thank you Nigeria! Incredible, we have broken another record. The biggest opening day in the history of Nollywood! N20m day one of the box office. Last year we did N9.6m on our opening day! It’s double this year. Lord we thank you, we are grateful. Please Nigeria, go watch #TWP2 this weekend. It’s a rollercoaster of laughs, drama and romance. You will love it, no kidding!”.

Ok..I pardon you. Lol. If you haven’t seen the wedding party, go crab your ticket and a box of popcorn!

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