1) Can you tell us more about you please?
My names are Mawuli Peter Gavor. I’m an Accountant/Model turned Actor/TV Host/Producer. I was born in Accra, Ghana to the two greatest parents on the planet. A follower of Christ, Music lover, Sports enthusiast. I’m just a regular guy trying to enjoy life one day at a time.

2) How long have you been in the industry?
I have been acting for 6 years

3) What differentiates you from other Actors?
I’ll leave this to my fans/people who watch my work to decide what makes me different. I basically try to be two things, passionate and most importantly, natural.

Style Q n A Of Mawuli Gavor (Actor, Producer)

  1. My style is … fascinating.

2) I cannot live without… fried plantain. But if you meant fashion wise probably black V-necks.

3) Fav fashion trick… The right brooch/pin will elevate any outfit.

Style QnA Of Mawuli Gavor (Actor, Producer) 1

4) Fav designer… Impossible to tell.

5) One item every guy should own… A Tailored Suit.

6) Next item on my wish list… Not sure I have a wish list.

7) Last purchase … Sweatpants from Nack.

8) My fav clothing store…. David Wej

Style QnA Of Mawuli Gavor (Actor, Producer) 2

9) My best shopping city….. New York

10) When I’m on the red carpet I like to… joke around. Never that deep.

11) Fashion rule I live by… Don’t overdo it.

12) Name your favorite piece in your wardrobe… Brondby Football Jersey.

13) I feel most sexy when I am wearing… lol you’ve taken it far. But to be honest I can feel sexy in just about anything.

Style QnA Of Mawuli Gavor (Actor, Producer) 3

14) Signature accessories… Probably my two rings. (Ghana/Africa)

15) What are you buying this season to update your look… Probably some more African inspired designs.

16) Who is the most stylish woman you have seen… Patience Ozokwor. Not up for discussion. Take it or leave it.

17) What are your skincare essentials? Facial scrub, Lotion (Cocoa/Shea butter)

Style QnA Of Mawuli Gavor (Actor, Producer) 4

18) Early style influencer…Sisqo

19) How often do you repeat outfits…Complete outfits? Almost never. Core pieces, as much as I feel like.

20) Do you follow trends? I haven’t found one worth following since Bandanas and Baggy Jeans. Good old days.

21) Fav holiday destination and why. Cape Town, SA. Least stressful place.

Style QnA Of Mawuli Gavor (Actor, Producer) 5

22: Describe your ultimate party dress.  Jeans / Black T-shirt.

23: How do you like your Accessories: statement or simple? It doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Pretty easy to accessorize simple and still make a statement.

24: what’s your earliest fashion memory?
7 maybe 8. I used to insist on wearing a belt with my pyjamas because I didn’t like them folding at the ankles.

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