Do you know you can actually live a healthy life aside from medical treatments?
It is not that you would not take medical treatments but there are something’s drugs cannot do for you. Spa treatment is a non-medical procedure to help the health of the body. People think that spa services are just body massage and body scrub; but there are other treatments which the spa does that we cannot do on our own.

Different types of spa treatments:

Facials: They are skin-care treatments that include exfoliation, steam, moisturizers, masks, peels and massages. They remove the dry, dull skin cells from the skin’s surface, massage the muscles to increase circulation, remove clogged pores and completely hydrate the new, fresh layer of skin.

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Body scrub: Spas provide a variety of skin treatments for the entire body: aqua therapy, body polishes, body wraps and vichy showers. The body is scrubbed to marsh dead skin cells and smooth out the skin, and then moisturizers usually cream are massaged into the skin for blood circulation as well as skin hydration.

Massages: Massages are probably the most popular spa treatments, with a variety of styles offered. The therapist uses massage oil to ease massaging in long, smooth strokes and covers the parts of the body not being massaged with a sheet.

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Nail Treatments: Most spas offer both manicures and pedicures, nail treatments for both hands and feet. These treatments can be found at any nail salon for less than spa prices, nail technicians will help in shaping and polishing nails and also exfoliate the skin, soften the skin, apply paraffin treatments and perform warm cream and/or hot-stone massages.

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Benefits of spa treatments to your health

1. It can improve your cardiovascular health
According to Bruce Becker, M.D., immersing yourself in water in general up to your neck gives you a cardiac workout. This is because water puts more pressure on your body which increases your cardiac volume. When you’re soaking in water, your heart works harder and that helps it stay healthy.

2. It can help relieve aches and pains
As we just explained, hot water in general helps relax your body. This can also alleviate aches and pains associated with athletic injuries like muscle pulls or even arthritis.

3. It can help clean your body
Heat opens up your pores and this can be a good thing when you’re in a clean environment like a spa bath. By opening the pores, you give the water a chance to work its way in there and clean out the various dirt and toxins from your skin.

Don’t forget the risks!
If you have any doubts at all about starting a spa treatment, you should consult your doctor or ask the Spa therapist.

While the benefits of spa services are tangible, they are not miracle workers. They do better to augment a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy a good spa every now and then. It can help you feel better!

Images courtesy Venevici Spa and Apples and Oranges via instagram.

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