It’s about that time of the year when the heavens get cloudy and beam with raindrops thanks to our tropical zoned region in Nigeria. I know many of us are lost as to when specifically the rainy season in Nigeria is now, as to what we were made to understand from school (DRY SEASON BETWEEN JUNE/SEPT; RAINY SEASON BETWEEN MARCH/MAY) because the climate changed. This minute the harmattan is here and the next minute you experience the sun and the scorching heat. Well the rainy season calls for preparedness especially for kids. The essentials needed for the weather are MUST HAVES which are pairs of rubber slippers, sandals as well as shoes. Fashion has made this look so trendy that it can be worn to suit any occasion (depending on which).
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A lady must also have a shower cap or a miniature umbrella in her bag. Well you can say a rain coat is old fashioned but guess what, it still has its trendy bit especially for your kids. You may see this as awkward but it is also important to note that your items or documents must be well protected in a folder or a waterproof bag before keeping in your handbag, laptop bag or even travelling bags too. The rain can begin unannounced and it will be so unwise to get caught in it. NEVERTHELESS GET READY TO HAVE AN ALL ROUND COOL WEATHER AND DOWN POUR FOR THE NEXT COUPLE OF MONTHS.


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