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So, I often get a lot of emails and questions on how I maintain my skin and what products I would recommend (please note this may not work for everyone but it works for me).

Rather than relying solely on makeup to cover up imperfections it’s very important to maintain healthy skin.

Reasons why you should wash your face twice a day:

• Your skin is exposed to many different types of stressors i.e. air pollution, sunlight throughout the day, so it’s vital to try and protect it. As your largest organ, it’s important to take good care of it.

• Our skin creates a moisture barrier called sebum. Though sebum is beneficial for your skin, if it stays too long without being cleaned it can mix with your make up, dirt, sweat and potentially block skin follicles which can lead to irritation, blotchy skin and overall unhealthy looking skin. Washing your face can prevent such irritation.

• It is essential for the skin to have oxygen overnight in order to repair itself. Sleeping with makeup on your face can prevent this.

“When makeup is left on, it blocks the natural exfoliating process, which can leave your skin looking dull”, says Dr. Robins Ashinoff, Director of Cosmetic Dermatology at Hackensack Medical Center in New Jersey.

I can’t stress enough that it is important to use good quality products on your skin!

My theory is if you can spend a lot of money on makeup you should be able to spend even more on skin care, as that is actually more important; the better your skin is the smoother, your make up application will be.

It is recommended that you find out what type of skin you have, as this is useful for when you are buying products. I have combination skin but in my teenage years I had quite oily skin, I think that the products I have been using in my adulthood have greatly reduced the oiliness of my skin.

Secondly, I eat healthy and drink lots of water; I stay away from fizzy drinks and junk food as this not only has a negative effect on your weight, but also your skin.

Thirdly, I wash my face a minimum of twice a day, it is SO important to wash your face morning and night. I exfoliate every other day. I apply a face masque once a week and I have a professional facial once a month.

This is my nighttime skin care routine.

Stage 1 – Remove your make up johnson wipes
I use fragrance free Johnson baby wipes to remove my make up because sometimes I find some facial wipes have high levels of fragrance, which I try my best to stay away from because my skin is sensitive. Removing your makeup with wipes at night is not enough if you’re trying your best to maintain healthy skin.

Stage 2 – Wash your face.fresh face
Firstly, I apply a splash of warm water onto my face followed by a squeeze of Mint Julep facial scrub. I then use my Body Shop facial brush to rub the scrub into my skin in circular motions paying closest attention to my troubled areas (mine are my cheeks). I ensure that I use the facial brush gently with enough pressure so as to lift the dirt from my pores. I then use warm water again to wash off the scrub. For the final stage, I then use cold water to seal my pores.
mint julep facil scrub
(Please note: I alternate between raw black soap and Mint Julep facial scrub to ensure my face doesn’t get too used to one product as that may make a products results less effective).
black soap
I use a CLEAN flannel, (not my body towel as this may have traces of bacteria). I do not rub my face with the flannel, I literally dab the cloth on face to absorb the water gently.

Stage 3 – Apply a Tonerclarins toner
Using a toner is not necessary but it is particularly good for people who wear make-up often, people with oily skin and people with acne prone skin.

I ensure my face is dry, then with clean fingertips I use a Clarins White plus onto my whole face and neck area. I prefer using my hands instead of cotton pads as I feel cotton pads absorb too much product.
clarins toner
Stage 4 – Moisturise your skin

Night time is a great time to target problem areas as nocturnal blood flow in the skin is greater. When blood flow is increased so is absorption and penetration of ingredients. So again, if you aren’t washing your face at night you’re missing a key opportunity to rejuvenate your skin.

Currently I am using Elizabeth Arden night capsules, which are really quite amazing, they have your skin feeling very smooth and you have a nice glow when you wake up in the morning.
elizabeth arden night capsules
There you have my night-time skin care routine. I hope this helps!

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