It’s not enough to just be a dapper gentleman, anybody can be a dapper gentleman but certain things can make you stand out, make you impeccable. They are the.. of a dapper ensemble and I have carefully picked 5 of the most essential.

The details in an outfit are the pieces of perfection. They are the most important factors in making you stand out. By details, I mean accessories like wrist pieces, ties, pocket pieces, collar tips, lapel pins, brooches, sunglasses, hats and they should be used appropriately when putting your outfit together.
It’s not new that ‘Fit is King’ and the importance of a perfectly fitted outfit cannot be overemphasized. If the same outfit is worn by two men and one fits while the other does not, true that it’s the same outfit but the person with the properly fitted outfit will definitely look better. Also, proper fitting doesn’t mean too tight, that is infact a No No, It just has to fit properly.

Good shoes, they say, take you to good places. I used to think this was ridiculous until I got to understand that the shoes a man wears actually tell a lot about him. It’s very important to take cognizance of your shoes whatever the occasion is because apart from the confidence a smart pair of shoes gives you, they also pass a message to through people you meet. My favourite for formal shoes is the Double monk straps. Oxfords and Brogues are also good options to pull off the dapper look.
Half the time, you have to move around carrying a thing or two which when jumbled up in your pockets or just carried make you look somewhat tacky. This is why having a good bag, suitcase or folder as the case may be is very important to make you look proper. Preferably leather, bags will serve their function and also make you look in order.

This might not be a piece of clothing but it’s also as important as the above mentioned. Your outfit is never complete without the right fragrance because you have to scent as good as you look, it’s attractive! Calvin Klein, Euphoria for men, and Hugo Boss are some of the very good options.
So step out in Style, and make sure you’re better dressed than the best dressed man at the occasion.

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